Covenant Keepers are real people with real issues seeking real truth and change while serving a real God with real faith. Just keeping it real!


Through a dynamic self-care spiritual maintenance program, you are given the opportunity to advance principles of faith in your life. Through the I AM ME Institute for Life, you will be given spiritual growth tools that are designed to elevate your faith and consciousness.

NOW is the season of change for you, and you must open yourself to that change.

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Covenant Keepers

Covenant Keepers are real people who live ordinary lives with extraordinary faith. Our lives are authenticated in our daily walk as men and women of God. Our lives represent those of regular people who are seeking to be the best that God has called us to be.

Covenant Keepers are real people who face real issues. Since we live ordinary, everyday lives, there are real issues that we face. We believe that these issues should not cause shame, blame, and guilt, but they should cause us to grow in the grace of God and faith that will produce change in our lives.