Covenant Keepers are real people who live ordinary lives with extraordinary faith. Our lives are authenticated in our daily walk as men and women of God. Our lives represent those of regular people who are seeking to be the best that God has called us to be.
Covenant Keepers are real people who face real issues. Since we live ordinary, everyday lives, there are real issues that we face. We believe that these issues should not cause shame, blame, and guilt, but they should cause us to grow in the grace of God and faith that will produce change in our lives.

Truth is the beginning of change, so as Covenant Keepers, we seek to keep God’s truths before us daily. Since the spirit of prophecy is the spirit of truth, our goal is to keep the truths of God before us. These truths will keep us grounded and postured for faith to manifest our lives. On our journey, we seek spiritual truths over natural facts. Although information is important, we strive to get the understanding that comes from a place of revelation, wisdom, and understanding. Living life to the fullest is a struggle. Recovering from a fall is a struggle. Living beyond tragedy is a struggle. Walking through dark circumstances is a struggle. However, focusing on the truth of God will lead you into a place of authentic change. Living the life of a Covenant Keeper is about embracing change in your life. It’s about embracing real change that will transcend time.

As believers, it’s easy to find ourselves in a place of hurt. In all actuality, hurt people hurt people, and healed people heal people. Our ministry is about healing. It’s about walking out the prophetic truths in your life that will lead to healing and wholeness. In the season, God is calling believers to embrace the healing and wholeness that comes from living a life of faith.
Faith is not a religion. God is not a religion. Jesus is not a religion.

As Covenant Keepers, we maintain strong faith and support in the things of God. Our faith is about taking the necessary steps to move forward as believers. We understand that God is real. We understand that our faith is real. We understand that our Christianity is about our ability to continue to move forward in real faith. God is real. Our faith is real. Our love for God’s people is real.
God is calling us to remain authentic and vigilant in our faith. You must be willing to stay in a real place to stay in a place of faith. As Covenant Keepers, we fight to keep things real. We fight to make it plain and simple. We believe in simple truth, simple change, and simple faith. It’s imperative that you keep it real in this season, and don’t find yourself living in a place of fantasy and fabrication. Faith starts from an authentic place and moves you into the supernatural faith.

Covenant Keepers are real people who continue to keep their relationship with God, their spirituality, and their mentality aligned with the principles of faith. Becoming and remaining faithful believers is the heart of what Covenant Keepers is all about. Covenant Keepers is not about a ministry; it’s about a people. It’s about people who come together in various forms to remain relentless in their faith.
Covenant Keepers is not about religion; it’s about relationship. We don’t argue denominationalism or doctrine. We simply teach the truths of God to people who are looking to walk out the principles of faith. It’s about a people who continue to live out the truths of God as imperfect vessels who are committed to following Christ as our example of faith.

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