Consecrate Yourself

The foundational teaching of this ministry is rooted and grounded in the 13 Steps of Consecration. Consecration is merely your daily and ongoing devotion to God. Through daily spiritual devotion, you will find that the power of God will play out in your life. The principles of

Consecration will allow you to come forth spiritually. If you don’t focus on elevating your faith and remaining in tune to the spirit, you will find yourself in a place of death, decay, and destruction. Consecration is going to lead you into the next wave of spiritual growth and development.

Consecrating ourselves to God is the basis of our ministry, and it’s the ultimate mandate of believers. You can’t be willing to connect to anyone or anything if you are not truly grounded in your faith. Our ministry encourages each believe to truly consecrate themselves to God. It’s all about your personal relationship with God.

Consecration is about your devotion, and you should devote yourself to God daily. As you begin or continue to consecrate yourself to God, we encourage basic acts of devotion in your life. Although many of them may be common to you, we encourage you to grow yourself by committing yourself to spiritual acts of faith daily basis. Many of our acts are biblical and prophetic, but we encourage you to walk out the basis of your faith on a consistent basis.

Download the Consecration Package Booklets

Consecration Packages

If you would like to receive a consecration package from the ministry, you can simply e-mail the ministry through the contact us section on the website. Our consecration packages contain everything that you need for a month of consecration. Although you may want a package, you can start consecration at any point. Remember, consecration is about your devotion to God. The acts of consecration simply solidify the manifestation of your faith.