Who is Antonio Hurt?

Dr. Antonio HurtAnointed. Appointed. Lost. Found. Distracted. Focused. Relentless. Resilient. Changed.

Apostle. Prophet. Teacher. Evangelist. Pastor. Leader. Friend. Life Coach. Spiritual Partner. Accountability Partner. Spiritual Sponsor. Husband. Father. Son. ME.


There are many words that can describe my journey and the affiliated titles that go along with each phase of my life. However, I’ve found that the power of GOD continues to play out in my life when I remain true to my journey.

Change has been a critical part of the life force that is within me. Through trials, tragedies, and triumphs, I’ve come to find that the power of GOD continues to play out in my life when I remain true to my faith and spirituality.

Antonio Hurt is simply a man who looks to move forward impacting humanity in simple ways. These ways are practical and yet profound. They are prolific in the sense that they are rooted and grounded in experiences that have come from this life.

As you journey with Covenant Keepers and the I AM ME Institute for life, my prayer is that you find peace in your journey and enjoy the path that is before you.

It’s not about me; this season of your life is all about you, and perhaps I can simply reflect change in your life as you embrace the anointing, call, and purpose that is within you.

Antonio T. Hurt


Through trials, tragedy, and trauma, I found that the power of GOD continued to play out in my life. The spirit of depression, murder, and suicide had me bound. Shame, blame, pain, and guilt continued to surface in my life at the most inopportune times.

Life is real, and the struggle is real, but I was determined to remain true to my journey.

As a child, my family and friends called me TONY HURT. It wasn’t often that people called me TONY. I was called by my whole name, likely because there were several TONYs in the bunch.

During a rough season, GOD lead me to flip my name. From there, I found ‘Y-NOT B. TRUH 2 U?!” It may seem kind of strange to flip your name and end up with a prolific question, but that’s what I ended up with. For years, I’ve pondered this question when moving forward, and it has positioned me for growth and change. At the end of the day, the hallmark of this ministry and life work is guided by this question of truth. Perhaps, you will find truth and change as you move forward in this season of your life.

So, Y-NOT B. TRUH 2 U?!

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